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May 5,1983


by: Jack Houck

The following seven steps seem to be common to all types of psychic healing. Not every psychic healer is observed or is aware of doing all seven steps as some of the steps may be implied for that individual.

Step 1

Make a special connection between yourself and the Space Time Unit (STU) described in Reference 1. This can be done in many ways (e.g., saying a prayer to your God, surrounding yourself with white light, invoking the universal source of energy, etc.). In so doing, you recognize that the healing is not done by you but that you are an agent or tool to facilitate the healing process. In healing, there is no room for ego (i.e., you do not do the healing).

Step 2

Achieve a relaxed, special, or psychic state. While there are some people who have mastered the ability to induce a psychic state, there are others who may find it necessary to clear the mind of all conscious thoughts (e.g., such as meditation). Some use a hypnotic key wherein they accomplish the induction into the proper state by simply saying a word to themselves or imaging some scene.

Step 3

Make the connection between yourself and the person to be healed. Again this can be done in many ways. Some people put their hands on the person (e.g., laying on of hands). Others simply move their hands around the person without touching (e.g., aura smoothing). Still others make only a mental connection. This can be done whether the person is in the same room or at some remote place. An example is a church prayer group who prays to God for help in healing someone who may be in a hospital or many miles away. Frequently that person is miraculously helped. Most psychic healers use their hands in some manner to make the connection. Some people believe that the palms of the hands are transmitters and receivers of some form of "energy." Whatever the healer believes works, will work! In my opinion, the use of the hands helps make the necessary mental connection between the healer and the healee. In effect you have made the connection between the STU and the healee using yourself as the link. A useful analogy (Reference 2) is to think of a giant telephone network with the central switching system in the center. Then think of each individual as a telephone with a line connecting everyone to each other as well as to the central switching system or STU. A dis-ease can be thought of as a disconnection in one or more of these lines. By helping someone make the connection to the central switching system or the STU, you temporarily reconnect their broken lines. In effect their illness flows through you and out of our reality. Ultimately the person being healed must take responsibility for their own health by keeping their own lines connected and maintaining their own connection to the STU. When you are performing these steps, it is your intent to help heal this individual. This intention is like a command to the STU to provide the healing. Some healers even verbalize a command such as "Heal." Keep the connection for the amount of time that feels right and the healing will begin to occur. Because of time shifts, the healee may not begin to feel the effect for some time, possibly as long as a day.

Step 4

A deliberate disconnection from the person being healed must be made. The disconnection can be made in many ways. The act of taking away your hands is sufficient for some. Others mentally have a screen come down to cut the connection. Some wash their hands. Any deliberate act or thought accomplishes this step. This disconnection also provides the mechanism of "letting go" which seems to be a key factor in accomplishing psychokinesis (i.e., mind over matter). If this step is not done, you, as the healer, may retain the illness yourself. If you made your own connection with the STU as described in Step 1, the illness will flow out of you into the STU.

Step 5

Allow yourself to come out of the special or psychic state you entered in Step 2.

Step 6

Disconnect your special healing connection with the STU from Step 1. You should maintain your own personal connection with the STU.

Step 7

Express your thanks to the STU or whatever you believe is the source of the healing mechanism (e.g., thank God).


Complete healing of someone requires their participation. Sometimes they really do not want to be well. Often complete healing necessitates psycological help in addition to the physical healing described above. You can use these steps to help a person cure physical problems and show them that they can be well. It may sometimes be necessary for a patient to change a lifestyle, habit, diet or belief before a lasting healing can be accomplished. It may require helping them many times with the psychic healing steps until their own mind begins to get the idea of how to be well. Try to avoid letting them become psychologically dependent on you for their healing. Teach them how to perform the steps on themselves.

Reference 1 - Jack Houck, "Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena," September 21, 1992

Reference 2 - Howard Thrasher, "Beyond Logic," (in publication)


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